Barry Graham, c. 1974

Check out Susie Harmon, 
John Howard, and Sharon Cox
probably singing "I Wanna Hold Your Hand!" 1962, Baby!
Oh, Behave! 



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There have been few musician changes to The Chill over the years in comparison to its 25- plus years longevity. Even with a change of various talented musicians The Chill venue continues true to its original style and sound thanks to the direction of original member John Howard Dennis.   


Bill Bradley, Keyboards, (1984 to 1985). Bill was the original keyboard player with the Chill. 

Don Woods, Drummer, (Date Unknown). Prior to the Chill, Don performed with the legendary "Gants" who recorded their national hit "Road Runner".

Mark Prewitt, Guitar and Vocals, (1984 to 1996). Mark still lives in Vicksburg and performs with The Chill as a stand-in guitarist occasionally. He also performs locally with Daniel Gilbert-current Chill drummer and John Howard Dennis- current Chill bass player, as a trio group performing Beatles standards. Mark is also an attorney in Vicksburg. 

Beaver Myers, Trumpet, (1985 to 1995). 

Mike Andrews, Saxophone, (1985 to 2001). Mike passed away in 2001. His musical talents, sense of humor, and contributions to the Chill have been truly missed. 

Jeffery Morgan, Keyboards(1986 to 1990). Jeff is now a lawyer with the Attorney Generals office. 

Johnny Crocker, Guitar and Vocals, (1990 to 1992). Johnny lives in Jackson and performs as a single act and with the Johnny Crocker Band. .

The Chill: Run Thru History 1999

Way-Back vintage commercials...






Eat More Beans

See the USA In A Chevrolet

Oreo Cookie

Meow Mix

Coke...the real thing!




Enjoy a few jokes and puns inspired by unique past experiences with known “challenged” personalities…they know who they are! By the way…we’re just “clown-n-around” here, folks!”



Poor Seldom had fallen on hard times. He lost his job at Paint World, his unemployment ran out, and he had to sell all his important “stuff”. He packed what little he had in a bag, made a little sign that read "Will work for food" and set off down the road on foot.
He soon came to a farmhouse and knocked on the front door. A woman answered, and Seldom explained his situation, and how he could do most anything and how hungry he was.  At first the woman wanted no part of Seldom, but he persisted. Finally she asked "Can you paint?"  "Oh yes, ma'am," Seldom said, "I sure can paint. I've done a lot of painting. Just let me show you." The woman found a can of paint and a brush and said, "You go around back and paint the porch, while I'll fix you dinner." Happily, Seldom went to work.
About 40 minutes later, Seldom appeared at the front door. "Are you finished so soon?" asked the woman. "Oh yes, ma'am," said Seldom, "but I think you ought to know that's not a Porsche…it's a Volvo."

Thought For the Day

Too many whiners…not enough duct tape!


If I pay my truck payment this month, I'll have no money foreclose.

I had two pickup trucks, but my old lady rectum both.

My buddy gave me two tickets to a Auburn football game, but I want to seldom.


A guy goes into a bar near Auburn University and asks the bartender if he wants to hear a good Auburn joke.
The bartender says, "Before you tell it, you should know that I am 6-2 and weigh 225 and I'm damn proud to be a Auburn fan. See that guy at the end of the bar? He's 6-4 and weighs 250 and he's a former Auburn quarterback. And, see the guy at the other end of the bar? He's 6-6 and weighs 280 and he's an assistant coach at Auburn! Now, you sure you still want to tell your Auburn joke?"
The guy says, "Nah, never mind." To which the bartender smiles and says, "What's the matter? Are ya chicken?" The guy says, "Nah. I just don't want to have to explain it three times.

Walker County Junior College Exam-Question Number 10

A Coal Mine operates a NFPA Class 1, Division 2 Hazardous Area. The mine employs 120 miners per shift. A gas warning is issued at the beginning of the 3rd shift. How many cartons of unfiltered Camels will be smoked during the shift?